Product presentation video

1 - Your product is the best that's for sure!

And the best way to show it off is to create a video. But be careful! It doesn't have to be boring! You've got to showcase your product, show just how beautiful and interesting it is! The important thing is to make people want to see it!

2 - But how?

Here, we imagine short, engaging stories. Fireside stories, stories that you listen to with your mouth open, stories for adults, fairy tales, and whose protagonists will always end up using your product. Because we love adventure literature, late-night thrillers, and our children's novels.

*Storytelling* is essential in the success of your video project and we put our hearts into it. And it's once a well-crafted plot is complete that we tackle the visual part, which we adapt to the text in a style that is often minimalistic and colorful.

3 - And in concrete terms? How does it work?

Once the story has been written in agreement with you, it's time to work on the storyboard in a joyful collaboration. This storyboard gives us the basis for a staging that we want to be simple, effective and engaging. There are no bullet points or convoluted graphics here. It's all about fluidity!

This storyboard is then shaped and colored to the delight of our amazed eyes. These illustrations are then animated with the grace of a visual dance full of energy.And that's not all! Of course, music - the poor relation of motion design, yet so essential - must be included, as must the associated sound design. Just imagine the film Alien without the haunting final siren! So we'll sprinkle in sound design and wrap it in music to suit your needs.

4 - Ready?

Once everything has been put together, all that's left to do is distribute this pretty video on all the platforms planned, social networks, trade shows, conference rooms, cinemas, televisions...

5 - But... is it expensive?

Consider the benefits that such a video could bring you: travel savings, increased awareness, and a faster and more direct understanding of your services or products.
Some have won several million dollars with just one video.

So what budget would you be willing to put into such a video?

Let's work together!