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My name is Alexandre and Moon Palace is my portfolio.

I am a freelance motion designer, based in Paris.

If you want to create videos in short, high-impacting formats for social networks, your website, TV or film, you've come to the right place.

From the animation of your visual identity to a complete animated graphic creation, including motion design systems, I'm with you every step of the way.

You'll find some of my work below, as well as testimonials from my customers.

Photo de profil d'Alexandre Sobrier, motion designer freelance

Selected projects

Customer testimonials

Alexandre was able to take a rough idea, flesh it out and bring it to life beyond our expectations, all while adapting to our sometimes chaotic pace. We are extremely satisfied with this collaboration and plan to work with him again soon. You can trust him without any hesitation!

Bertrand de la T. A.

Else App

I recommend Alexandre without any hesitation! He has successfully accompanied us in numerous projects. He is a reliable, available and... creative person!

Nathalie T.

Altour Production

Alexandre is precise and meticulous in execution and creative in conception, which makes him extremely interesting for animation projects. A force to be reckoned with from a visual point of view, I regularly benefit from his inspired AND inspiring eye.

Franck P.

Adobe France

Impeccable work, fast, efficient, and excellent communication. I would be delighted to work with Alexandre again and highly recommend him.

Tancrède L.

Slaps Production

Alexandre guided us through the technical challenges and limitations of adapting existing animations to new requirements while maintaining an exacting attention to detail. It is thanks to his expertise that we were able to get where we needed to be.

Ricky B.


I thank Alexandre for his involvement and professionalism. Despite the tight flow and the very short deadlines, it is a success!

Aimée D.

La Petite Production

Beautifully done! dear Alexandre. Thank you 🙏



Alexandre is a trustworthy person, whom I can count on to achieve the quality and time goals that the video required.

Frédéric B.


Absolutely love what Alexandre has done with the 2D lines and textures here. It’s amazing that he’s able to communicate such a cool story and beautiful vibe in just 20 seconds.

Cameron P.

Motion Science

What can we create together?

Present your product

Explaining the functions and qualities of a product is not always easy. Creating a short motion design film allows you to think about the essential components of your product, and to deliver a message that is understandable and gets straight to the point.

Presenting your company

To raise awareness of your company, there's nothing like a dynamic, rhythmic video animation to leave a lasting impression. Put it on social networks, and measure its impact!

Educate with simple words

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an instructional video is worth a thousand images. Creating a video allows you to think in depth about how you want to teach, and how to explain without sounding complicated.

Promote your brand

Video advertising has invaded our visual space. Distinguish yourself with an original and creative video!

Raising your audience's awareness

Raising awareness, preventing illness or giving advice on health, well-being, saving the planet, changing the world, all require a different approach. Motion design helps you build your message clearly.

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