Promotional video

1 - Does advertising still work?

Social networks have revolutionized advertising. Creating a video for channels whose audience you can adjust very precisely is priceless. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tik Tok,... they all now offer a way to measure how your video has performed.

And you'll have noticed that video has become a very important part of the visual landscape, both on the networks and on the subway or train. It's not easy to stand out in such a competitive world. The solution: an original, different, funny and engaging video.

2 - How do you promote your product?

By staging it in such a way that the viewer identifies completely with the characters. By creating emotion, desire and empathy. By using humor and self-mockery. By remaining benevolent. By showing that we are agents of change in the world. By inviting users to join our cause and our values.And we're here to help. Let's talk about your project!

3 - What are the production stages?

First we have to write the script, thinking about how the scenes are to be cut. Then comes the storyboard, which shows with simple sketches what the final animation might look like.Then comes the production of the animation, with its own style. Music and sound design complete the picture.

A promotional video often lasts less than 30 seconds.

4 - How to distribute?

We provide you with all the formats you need for the broadcast you want, whether for television, the internet, YouTube, Vimeo, Tik Tok, vertical, horizontal formats, etc.

5 - But... is it expensive?

Think of it as an investment. Returns are directly measurable on the various platforms, so you can measure the benefit of this kind of animated promotion quite accurately. To discuss this, click on the little blue button :

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