Educational video

1 - I love learning! Do you?

As Jérémie Clayes would say on the podcast Exquises Esquisses : “A day when I don't learn anything is a day that's useless“. But you're running out of time, and diving into this exciting new activity requires investment.

The best thing you've come up with is videos, because as well as being clear and visual, you can also watch them in fast motion! And now you want to use this format to present a few tips. But as you've seen, keeping in mind the pleasure of discovery in a clear and concise way is essential to keep your audience right to the end.

2 -Learning is fun

Humor is one of the keys to a successful educational video, because it's what gets the right messages across without anyone noticing. But humor is the hardest thing to get across in a scenario, so it's best to know the difficulties before you start.

That's why we call on specialists in the field, experts who handle words to perfection, to awaken in us the joy of a funny discovery. Once again, storytelling is essential to the success of this scenario. And it's not just a word that pleases the ears. It's a whole concept built around the desire to engage viewers' attention.

The story of the knight who hunts dragons is far more exciting than that of the dog who crosses the street. Although... I know one that... well...

3 - And in concrete terms? How does it work?

Once the story has been written in agreement with you, it's time to work on the storyboard in a joyful collaboration. This storyboard gives us the basis for a staging that we want to be simple, effective and engaging. There are no bullet points or convoluted graphics here. It's all about fluidity!

This storyboard is then shaped and colored to the delight of our amazed eyes. These illustrations are brought to life with the grace of an energetic visual dance.

And that's not all! Music, the poor relation of motion design yet so essential, must absolutely be included, as must the associated sound design. Just imagine Alien without the haunting final siren!... So we sprinkle in sound design and wrap it in original music.

4 - Ready?

Once everything is assembled, all that's left to do is to broadcast this pretty video on all the platforms provided, or in living rooms, conference rooms, cinemas, television stations...

5 - But... is it expensive?

A motion design can have very different prices depending on the techniques planned, whether it's 2D or 3D, characters or abstract art, etc.

So the real question is: how much are you willing to invest in your video? What are the benefits it will bring you? To discuss it, simply click on the button below:

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