Awareness video

1 - Changing the world

I became a designer because I am convinced that it is through messages that we can change the world. Good communication can make things happen, and beautiful illustrations speak louder than long speeches.

And when these illustrations are animated and combined with oral explanations, the message is much better perceived and received. Motion design is the way to change the world.

2 - To each his own   

If you've come to us, it's because you're looking for a sensitive person who understands your issues, and who can potentially get behind them. So if your project is ethical, makes the world go in the right direction, is positive, instructive or even militant, we can certainly imagine a collaboration.

3 - Is motion design long and complicated?

It takes approximately one month between the start of a two-minute animated graphic design project and its completion. We need to produce a script, a storyboard, illustrations, animations, a voice-over, music and sound design, which (unfortunately) cannot be done in a few days.

4 - How to distribute?

I provide you with all the formats you need for the broadcast you want, whether for television, the internet, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Tik Tok etc.

5 - But... is it expensive?

The price is linked to the benefits you want to get out of it. An animated movie can be produced at very different prices. The techniques and the means are just as different. The best way to find out if we can work together is to ask:

Let's work together!