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Exquises Esquisses is a french podcast featuring interviews with inspired and inspiring artists, illustrators, animators, animated film directors, musicians and authors.

Started as a desire for interviews and encounters, it now has 45 episodes, 2 years of interviews, more than 150,000 listens, in-depth discussions about creation, artists' journeys, their inspirations and aspirations.

Viewpoints, visions and visual arts for your ears!

Image de Rébecca Dautremer tirée de son livre Des souris et des hommes

Rebecca Dautremer

Author and illustrator
“I am often in the right place at the right time.”

Shy, reserved, wild, Rébecca Dautremer feels best sitting at her drawing table, listening to the rain fall. She says so herself. We also talk about success, drawing, what moves her and her lucky star.

Benjamin Renner

Animation film director
“It's scary because I just realized that I will be questioning myself all my life! ”

Benjamin Renner has already experienced the dazzling success of the film Ernest and Célestine. This is why we're talking in depth about the adventure of creation, with its share of fears, questionnings, and successes.

Image de Benjamin Renner, le grand méchant renard
Image tirée du film de Rémi Chayé, Calamity

Rémi Chayé

Animation film director
“I worked from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. on my project, and then on the movie I was working on.”

Rémi Chayé discovered the great atmosphere of animation studios and never left. Director of At the top of the world and Calamity, he tells us about the genesis of his passion and his ideas.

Tom Haugomat

Author illustrator
“I never really had a passion for drawing for the sake of drawing.”

Tom Haugomat tells strong and sensitive stories that leave plenty of room for the unsaid, which is what we're talking about, of course, as well as family relationships, storytelling, the pleasure of drawing and traveling.

Image de paysage de Tom Haugomat

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