Trade unions

Explainer video
Art direction, illustrations, animation for a video explaining what a union does
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AG2R La Mondiale is an insurance company that works with parity commissions for professional branches.
But who knows what a parity commission is?

That's exactly what this film is all about: understanding the issues and objectives of a parity commission, and disseminating it to all those who depend on it.

Spoiler : a parity commission is made up of union members and company directors. They work together to decide on agreements relating to the professional branch to which they belong.

Film directed in collaboration with Éric Michel, director.


In this film, we opted for abstraction to combine theoretical ideas with practice.

As the branch concerned by this parity commission is related to pastry-making, the colors of this film were chosen from a sweet and edible universe. You can easily find the colors used in the image below:

Etude de couleurs  - Moodboard du projet AG2R


A video aimed at craft patissiers, giving them a better understanding of the role of a parity commission and encouraging them to call on its members to improve their quality of life.

This kind of video is called an explainer video. It has no particular commercial purpose, but rather an informative one.

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