The Maison des Vins de Cheverny

Artistic direction, painting, animations for videos integrated into a scenography
illustration de tracteur à Cheverny


Transform an abandoned room into a place of enchantment retracing the history and philosophy of the Maison des Vins de Cheverny.

In collaboration with studio Substra And agency Enterstice


Within a scenography designed around the theme of viticulture, two walls host the projection of two animations drawn frame by frame in a watercolor style closed to the earth, its pigments, and the liquid it produces.

Another video, projected onto a central cylinder, is animated in a loop. It includes all the elements of the site's natural environment: winegrowers, animals, landscape and, of course, the château.

Peinture de vignes en hiver - Cheverny


Visitors gain a better understanding of the challenges of biodynamic wine production and the great commitment of those involved. They leave with bottles they'll be even prouder to drink.

illustration de personnes trinquant avec du vin de  Cheverny


We are delighted to have worked with Alexandre. From his qualities as an illustrator to those of a motion designer and under the control of his AD eye, his very complete profile was a real asset. Added to his availability and his strength of proposal for creative answers. It is largely thanks to Alexandre's work that we were able to deliver such a high-quality project.

Fabien D.



[...] a veritable cruise in sound, poetry and vision [...]

[...] finesse of line to perfectly convey the fragility and delicacy of the vine.

Homme regardant la vidéo du musée de Cheverny
Mini-report on the inauguration of the exhibition space
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