Explainer video
Creation of illustrations and animations in order to modernize an existing video
Image du projet Firmenich


Firmenich is a company that sells fragrances worldwide. To this end, they have developed a professional application, Fircomet, which enables all their users to easily order their favorite flavors.

To explain the benefits of their system, they need to update an animated video created several years ago.

This well-told video tells the story of a lab technician lost in an ocean of hard-to-find products. Fircomet saves him from drowning. But I won't tell you more...


The artistic direction of this project was carried out by Adesias agency. I started from three existing images that I adapted and animated.

The image below shows the transition from the old version to the new, more colorful and more modern.

Premier storyboard du projet Firmenichstoryboard du projet Firmenich


A more powerful message through more colorful videos and in a more dynamic style.

The customer was very pleased with the result and was quick to distribute the video to his staff.

This type of video is called an explainer video, and is a simple way of explaining your product while adding a touch of humor.

Let's make it yours!