Personal project
Animation based on a traditional Indian ink illustration
Transformation d'une image de Irefaels


Throughout my travels on Instagram, I was struck by the quality of the quality of artist Irefaels illustrations. An intense black and white, expressing nature, life and a touch of mysticism.

The drawing below is the original drawing that I chose to animate.

This illustration is drawn by hand, in the traditional way: paper, pencil, and ink. So I had to rebuild everything digitally, so that it didn't look like a digital illustration.

Image de Irefaels - The eternal newness of the world


The title of the illustration is “the eternal newness of the world.” What better way to illustrate this theme than with an animated loop?

The sun and nature being the subjects of this illustration, I chose to alternate between day and night to represent the binary themes of life and death, birth and disappearance, yin and yang.

It was essential to keep the textures and the ink-on-paper technique in order to maintain the handmade look. A great deal of research was carried out in After Effects to obtain the right rendering.
The music adds a cosmogonic dimension to this animation.

You can watch the animation on Instagram here or in vertical format here.


As the initial aim of this project was to sublimate the emotion aroused by the original illustration, I'll leave it to you to tell me if I've succeeded.


Beautifully done! dear Alexandre. Thank you 🙏



Absolutely love what Alexandre has done with the 2D lines and textures here. It’s amazing that he’s able to communicate such a cool story and beautiful vibe in just 20 seconds.

Cameron P.

Motion Science

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