Lottie animations
Porting animations to make them compatible with websites and native mobile applications in a readable vector format thanks to the Lottie javascript library
Image illustrative de Rippling


Rippling is an online application for business management: salaries, profits, expenses, applications, and many others.

In order to unify the design of their online services, and to add a touch of humor and personalization, they called on my services to create animation loops suitable for all devices.

Their constraint was to have animations that were very light in weight (less than 50 KB), and of very good quality.


Rippling already knew that the Lottie format is best suited to this type of request: lightweight, very smooth animations, and excellent quality in all resolutions, thanks to its vector format.

Some animations had already been created, but in 3D, or with After Effects code snippets, that are not compatible with Lottie. My main task was to convert them into a Lottie-readable format, which meant reworking all the animations, sometimes frame by frame.


All these animations are to be integrated into all of Rippling's online services, from the web to smartphones.

A personalization that is sure to seduce their users and give them an experience that is a bit more engaging than a simple standardized loading animation.


Alexandre guided us through the technical challenges and limitations of adapting existing animations to new requirements while maintaining an exacting attention to detail. It is thanks to his expertise that we were able to get where we needed to be.

Ricky B.


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