AG2R La Mondiale

Prevention video
Artistic direction, animation, post-production for a video on the prevention of health risks
Charcutière mettant un gant


AG2R La Mondiale is a health, pension and retirement insurance company. Its mission is to prevent the risks incurred by certain professionals such as pastry chefs, traders, or even butchers.

AG2R La Mondiale therefore wanted to produce a prevention video for butchers,reminding them that only the right gestures can guarantee good health.

Produced in collaboration with Éric Michel, director.


"Can the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?". This question by Edward Lorenz, better known as the Butterfly Effect, is the basis of the concept behind this video: how can a small, totally innocuous gesture can cause unbearable back pain?

We chose to combine live-action video and stop-motion to allow for movements that would otherwise be impossible to reproduce.We also wanted the video to be memorable for the audience.

Ustensiles de cuisine en mode flipper


Technical choices adapted to the message for an original and dynamic video.

We'll only know the real results in a few years' time, when we'll be able to verify that the number of back pain has indeed fallen among butchers. Will this video have helped? We hope so!

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